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Ring Con

Here is what Royd thought of Ring Con, plus a download...


 Royd Tolkien:

"I would just say if there’s any convention that you… if you could just go to one convention, I would make it RingCon because it’s just got the craziest people, the biggest crowds, the best costumes, the best collection of people, the biggest group of young, nice looking girls… depends on who would ask me the question. You know, a great location. So this is the best one I’ve done so far in the size, the organization…. the crowd! I get scared shitless when I go on stage… excuse my language. I don’t like it, it really freaks me out. I get dry, I get nervous.
I’m walking out there and it’s like just… people! And it was just dead scary."

time: 0:52 Min
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Download: Lexi*Con



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