Heather "Eluned" S. (hobbit_eluned) wrote in royd_lovin,
Heather "Eluned" S.


Hey all, I'm new here!

I've been a fangirl of Royd since October '04 because I got to see him at a RingCon in Seattle, Washington. So yes, that also means I got to meet the man. He's such an amazingly sweet guy, but also really shy. (However, a reason for that was because Bruce Hopkins was there and he kept telling stories and hogging the stage (in a good way))

I got to hang around Royd quite a lot, had "Happy Birthday" sung to me (squee), and got his autograph.

I only have a few pictures of him on the computer, and an icon that I poorly made. Maybe I can dig up my file with the rest of my pictures so I can put them here for people to enjoy.

Also, the "Next Orlando Bloom" quote was said by Bruce at *my* RingCon, before the LA charity. ;)
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Oh thank you! I would love to see what other picures you have of that babe! What do you think of that headband? It is growing on me! I hope he comes to ORC again! I too hung around both him and Bruce all weekend! They were great!

And I LOVE that icon! Did you read his bio and info page? :D
Can I use your "Royd Tolkien the next Orlando Bloom" icon? I'll give you credit of course!
Of course you can! I'm glad you want to use it. ^^
EEEE! Thanks! :D