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Royd's Business

It's been very quiet on the ROYD front, but I have found his business that he and Justin run together.   Royd told me about it at ORC 2005. 


Creative People, Producers/Managers
Royd Tolkien
Justin Nichols

Creative People is a management, PR and promotions company, representing the likes of BB Mac, Peter Andre, Eternal and many of the UK record lables. Royd and Justin recently had small parts in Peter Jackson's "Lord of the Rings: Return of the King", and accompanied the film's worldwide premiere circuit. Royd is the great grandson of Rings' author/creator J.R.R.

HERE is a link from another site talking about them.

Also here is a link to the band he was also promoting as well.  Royd gave me their business card with their web site on it

Hoping to see Royd do some cons in the future.  I am wondering if he has grown his hair out since Ring Con. :D
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