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This is a community for and about the lovely man known as Royd Tolkien. Anything goes here, if you have anything about this elusive hunk, please post it here. That includes any information, articles, news, icons, graphics, fictions, manips anything that has to do with the MAN as long as it is not mean spirited, this is all about loving The Royd. Please note that some things posted here may contain things that (I hope) are NC 17 rated, slash and of adult nature. If you are not of age, or if these things are not to your liking, please avert your eyes.

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Royd Tolkien brief bio and facts:

Born: 1969 Birthplace: Sychdyn, Mold, Flintshire, Wales

Royd said that “The Hobbit,” which he first read at age 10 or 11, was his favorite among his great-grandfather’s works. He also mentioned The Letters from Father Christmas, yearly letters and drawings his great-grandfather wrote for his own children starting in the 1920s.

Royd's grandfather was Michael Tolkien, the second of the professor’s three sons.

Sandro Kopp who played an elf in the trilogy, and Royd Tolkien are currently working on a book, tentatively titled The Servants of the Ring, which will feature Royd’s photographs and Sandro’s drawings, due out soon.

Royd spends a lot of his time in London, where he is a partner in a company called Creative People UK, which represents aspiring musicians and film producers.

Royd has one son born in 1993.

Royd has been helping to promote a band called Redstone www.redstonemusic.com

Royd wore Viggo's wig when he appeared as the Gondorian Ranger in ROTK.

Cute Royd Quotes:

"I'm as much in awe of Tolkien as anyone else," he says. "I'm very humble about it. I'm just lucky enough to be related to the guy."

“My favourite character by far is Aragorn. When I was a boy, I'd never play cowboys and Indians. Instead of a gun, I had a sword and a cloak. That's why it was so wonderful to play a Gondorian Ranger in the film - it was a childhood fantasy come true.”

"Damn it, try and stop me." When asked about an open invitation from Peter Jackson to visit him the set of King Kong or hopefully, the Hobbit.

"I was just blown away when Peter Jackson came up with the idea of putting a Tolkien into the film and to be a Gondorian Ranger is a huge privilege."

“I am in awe of my great-grandfather's work. I am also fascinated by Peter Jackson's interpretation of the books. I'm from a different generation and I enjoy the films.” When asked about the infamous family feud over the making of the films.

"They gave me a costume, armour and a sword. I even wore Aragorns wig. In the scene, Faramir was walking through the ruins of Osgiliath, orcs were attacking and we had to flee. I didn't actually get to kill Orcs. I handed out spears to everyone as they went running past me. And then we ran."
Quote taken from Dec 7th 2003 issue of Daily Mails, Night & Day mag - LOTR ROTK Special.

“I’m not a very public person. No one knows who I am,” he said. He said he was a fan of the “Rings” books when he was a kid, not because he felt obliged to read them due to his family ties but rather because they were a good read.

Royd said his great grandfather was just starting to see the books receive “cult” hit status when he died in 1973.

“(Writing the books) wasn’t something he did to achieve that type of success. He really just had a tale he wanted to tell,” Tolkien said. And what a tale it has become.

“When they were first being made, I thought, ’Oh god, a Hollywood film. There will be too much crammed into one movie, so many things will be left out,” Tolkien said in a recent telephone interview. “But since seeing the films, I’ve had a complete reversal. It’s been like a breath of fresh air, and I’ve watched them seven times,” Feb 11, 2004

“This is fantastic. It’s utterly unbelievable because I never believed that my great-grandfather’s trilogy could ever be dramatized,” said a misty-eyed Royd Tolkien.

“The stories are so complex and magical that the technology just didn’t exist to translate his epic into a movie until now.”

“I tell you the guy is the next Orlando Bloom.” Actor Bruce Hopkins (Gamling in LOTR) after seeing the reaction Royd got from a group of Jr. and Senior High school girls when visiting Bruce’s charities in LA. Royd was helping Bruce by visiting the underprivileged kids, Bruces charity is Operation Read http://bruce-hopkins.com/operationread/oratorc.html.

“It was so emotional I cried like a baby. Literally for the last half hour of the film I was just gushing. Incredible.” Royd from ROTK premier.

... and my all time favorite.....

"He puts the 'sexual' in metrosexual" Cliff Broadway introducing Royd at ORC 2005.

Royd Tolkien is love.

Royd and I are in center pic! Love to broksgurl717 for making the color bar for me!